It is important to know that while early intervention is always ideal, issues with sensory processing and primitive reflexes can be treated at any age. It is NEVER too late to begin addressing your concerns. 

About Us

Based in Stamford, CT, SMART Pediatrics utilizes sensory and reflex integration techniques to help children maximize brain potential through movement and play.  The goal of therapy is to build permanent neuro-connections that help children process sensory input from the environment.  This, in turn, helps develop more functional and appropriate ways of reacting to the world around them.  We focus on the whole child, taking into consideration sleep, nutrition and the social dynamics within the family, which are imperative in helping your child be the best he/she can be.   


Occupational therapy works to improve your child’s “occupation,” which at his/her age is their role as son or daughter, student and friend.  Occupational therapy improves your child’s ability to be successful at school, play appropriately with friends, and be able to complete daily routines at home (i.e. sitting for a meal, getting ready for bed, getting dressed). 


We provide individualized, one-on-one therapy in a playful environment.  Each session is specifically designed to address your child’s individual struggles, while at the same time focusing on their strengths, so that they continue to want to engage and improve.  Parent involvement is a vital part of therapy, with daily updates and weekly activities provided.  As a parent, understanding your child’s sensory processing skills and struggles is as important as your child’s direct therapy.