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Occupational Therapy Consulting for Schools

SMART Pediatrics works closely with both private and public pre- and elementary-schools in a variety of roles. Our most comprehensive program focuses on teaching teachers and support staff what sensory processing is and how it impacts student's learning abilities and behaviors.  This is accomplished, either on-site or through virtual group meetings, with our teacher-friendly workshop:


Sensory Processing In The School Environment

What To Look For, When To Be Concerned & Who To Refer To


This workshop helps teachers and support staff understand how to help students be more successful and independent in the educational setting.  The workshop provides simple and effective strategies that teachers can easily implement immediately in the classroom.  These strategies will improve student's behaviors and allow them to be successful in school.

With a better understanding of sensory processing, educators are able to identify if a child has sensory processing difficulty.  If a child is struggling, SMART Pediatrics will provide a free screening.  This screening will help determine if a child could benefit from a more formalized evaluation.  This screening is done with parental consent and it allows the therapist to speak directly to the parent about any concerns or issues that may be impacting the child's ability to be successful in school.  

Our Sensory Exploration Group runs monthly.  A therapist comes to your school and works individually with each classroom.  This group focuses on providing sensory-rich activities for the children while providing more specific ideas and strategies for the teachers.  We also provide a parent newsletter, with games and activities for home, so that they can better understand their child's development and behaviors.

If you would be interested in hearing more about how SMART Pediatrics can help your teachers improve their understanding of childhood development, as well as learn simple but effective strategies to help remediate challenging behaviors, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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