It is important to know that while early intervention is always ideal, issues with sensory processing and primitive reflexes can be treated at any age. It is NEVER too late to begin addressing your concerns. 

   Who could benefit?

It can be very difficult to know when and if your child needs therapy.  Sometimes it's your child's teacher who brings concerns up during conferences.  Sometimes it's just a parent's intuition that tells them something is amiss. The following is a list of some of the behaviors or difficulties that may indicate your child would benefit from therapy:

  • did not crawl as an infant / very brief crawling period

  • easily distracted​

  • quick to notice any novel sounds or noises 

  • avoids getting hand messy

  • clumsy, trips often

  • leans into people or furniture for support

  • seems to be in constant movement

  • quick to get upset or difficulty calming down once upset

  • movements are awkward, not smooth or fluid

  • lacks a hand dominance

  • exhibits fine motor difficulties

  • difficulty in social situations

  • hard time sitting still