SMART Pediatrics offers one-on-one individualized pediatric occupational therapy, physical therapy, and consulting services to schools and other organizations.


We emphasis parent involvement to get long-term results.  We work with each family to select meaningful goals and use these goals as a benchmark to measure progress in therapy.  From the start, our aim is to get to the day that your child has achieved all of their goals and they no longer need therapy.

Our services include:

  • Occupational therapy evaluations

  • Physical therapy evaluations

  • Individualized therapy sessions

  • Pediatric handwriting skill development

  • Auditory listening programs

  • Treatment intensives-multiple sessions/week for short periods of time 

  • Sensory integration treatment

  • School visits and consultations

  • Sensory gym design

  • Mentoring & supervision of therapists

  • School inservice and workshops

  • Monthly in-person groups for preschools

  • Parent education groups

It is important to know that while early intervention is always ideal, issues with sensory processing and primitive reflexes can be treated at any age. It is NEVER too late to begin addressing your concerns.