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SMART Pediatrics offer a variety of occupational therapy evaluations to meet the needs of your family and your child. Each evaluation differs in what we look at and the amount of time required.

An occupational therapy evaluation looks at whether (and to what degree) sensory or motor delays maybe impacting your child's personal, academic, and social abilities.

In order to find the best fit, sign up for a phone consultation.  This will help us to determine the appropriate evaluation based on the needs of your child.


Screenings are recommended for children who have recently received an OT evaluation (within the last 12 months).  Screening also can be a good option for those receiving OT at school and would like further information in regards to our specialty, sensory processing and postural reflexes.


FOR CHILDREN UNDER AGE 3: Evaluations for children under the age of 3 area  combination of standardized assessments, skilled observations, and a caregiver report. 


Our evaluations are a thorough assessment of your child's development and needs.  This evaluation provides the basis for the selection of goals and developing meaning treatment at SMART Pediatrics.  This evaluation can also be completed as a one-time service for families seeking formalized recommendations to inform school supports or fulfill insurance requirements.


Evaluations range in time depending on the age and maturity of your child, which will be determined during your initial phone consultation.  

FOR CHILDREN OVER AGE 3, TEENAGERS & ADULTS:  Evaluations for older children, teens and adults include standardized assessments as well as diagnostic observations.  These evaluations are completed over the course of 120 minutes and include a longer written report, including test results, evaluation findings and recommendations.


In addition to the clinic-based evaluation, a school visit may also be completed to fully assess your child's abilities in each environment. Arrangements can be made during your initial phone consultation.


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